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How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet

Girls rarely start talking to a man themselves. Ladies – they are ladies even on the Internet. Therefore, it’s up to you to start a dialogue. Remember that the first sentences – the most important in communication. Do not start the dialogue with the banalities in the style of “Hello, how are you?” Template phrases do not lead to communication – after such an impression the interlocutor will certainly get an impression that she is treated with neglect.

It is a good idea to begin acquaintance with a girl on the Internet with an honest compliment. Next, you can try to talk to her about your common interests or information that she indicated in her application form. Do not start your conversation with:

– If you are looking for a girl for a friendly chat and entertainment, do not start communicating with vulgar jokes and, moreover, intimate details.

– You do not need to use poems to get to know each other – neither your own nor someone else’s. Having received such a message, the girl will absolutely decide that you send the same message to all your contacts.

– Do not use the same phrase to meet different girls. You can write according to a template, choosing a proven and spectacular phrase, but be sure to add something personalized to such sentences – specifically for the selected girl. It is important for ladies to feel special.

– Don’t you dare write jokes after a short dialogue. Everybody has a different sense of humor, and the woman you’re talking to may not like the joke, which is not funny from her point of view.

– Don’t start with fiction and boasting. Writing something in the style of “I’m in Paris now and having dinner with salad and frog legs” is definitely a bad idea. Especially if you are sitting in the dorm now, so beautiful – in old shorts and a stretched T-shirt. Such phrases immediately indicate that their author is not sure of himself and even lies. Such a fictional image is clearly not going to help you in search of the other half, but you will start to besiege the girls who are looking for a sponsor or “daddy”.

– Do not use slang and vulgar words in the conversation. You’re talking to a girl, not a car mechanic from the service station.

– Watch your spelling. You can check the correct spelling of words in the program Word or through Internet resources. You can be a very interesting and intelligent interlocutor, but before a woman understands it, she will see and appreciate the text you have written. And if there will be a lot of stupid mistakes, even if surrounded by clever words, she will never know how cool you are, because she will just stop communicating, thinking that her opponent is a strange and short-sighted person.

The main thing to remember is that one should not be afraid to be oneself, but one should respect other people’s principles and borders. Then you can avoid unnecessary acquaintances, wasted dates and long conversations without meetings.

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So different girls. Choose who you like the most!